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Find out more about the Summer of Extreme Design-Build.



Build Yourself. Build Your World.

June 1 - August 31, 2020 - Kansas City, USA

We created a summer program where you will learn more hands-on skills – across more diverse areas – than you would in a lifetime. Did you ever want to design or build something – but did not know where to start? To address the need for practical skills and agency in today's digital world - we created a unique experience that will shatter your limitation. You will learn to build 3D printers, CNC machines, tractors, houses, aquaponic systems – and much more. More Info


Find out more about the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp


Build Yourself. Build Your World.

March 14-14, 2020 - New Zealand - Boston - Seattle - Richmond

Did you ever want to design or build something, but did not know where to start? We created a program – so you will never have this problem again. In our 4-day Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp, you’ll learn how to build a 3D printer and other production machines, you will learn the basic principles of design, and you’ll be able to turn your ideas into prototypes, so you can turn your prototypes into a business. More Info

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"Openly licensing allows others to replicate, reuse, adapt, improve, adopt, bring to scale, write about, talk about, remix, translate, digitize, redistribute and build upon what we have done." - Shuttleworth Foundation

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Open Source Ecology is accelerating the growth of the next economy - the Open Source Economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while promoting environmental regeneration and social justice. We are building the Global Village Construction Set. This is a high-performance, modular, do-it-yourself, low-cost platform - that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes - to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

Civilization Starter Kit - v0.01

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The Civilization Starter Kit currently contains all the training materials you need to build 4 out of 50 Global Village Construction Set machines (Beta v0.01). Join our global network of independent replicators creating a sustainable, open source economy.

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Product Development Schedule

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TED Talk - Marcin Jakubowski PhD

Best of TED (2011) - #6 by the Huffington Post

About the OSE Organization

Open Source Ecology is a lean start-up dedicated to transparency in all of its operations. Below, you will find information about how decisions are made, who is making them, how much revenue is generated, how its spent, etc.


Process and Values



Annual Report 2012:

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Global Village Construction Set

The Global Village Construction Set
Habitat CEB Press Cement Mixer Sawmill Bulldozer Backhoe
Agriculture Tractor Seeder Hay Rake Well-Drilling Rig
Microtractor Soil Pulverizer Spader Hay Cutter Trencher
Bakery Oven Dairy Milker Microcombine Baler
Industry Multimachine Ironworker Laser Cutter Welder Plasma Cutter
CNC Torch Table Metal Roller Rod and Wire Mill Press Forge Universal Rotor
3D Printer 3D Scanner CNC Circuit Mill Industrial Robot Chipper Hammermill
Drill Press Induction Furnace
Energy Power Cube Gasifier Burner Solar Concentrator Electric Motor Generator Hydraulic Motor
Steam Engine Heat Exchanger Wind Turbine Pelletizer Universal Power Supply
Nickel-Iron Battery
Materials Aluminum Extractor Bioplastic Extruder
Transportation Car Truck

Imprimante 3DScanner 3DExtracteur d'AluminumPelleteuseFour à PainPresse à balles de pailleExtrudeuse à bioplastiquesBulldozerVoiturePresse BTCBetonnièreBroyeur à marteauxImprimante de circuits électroniquesTable de découpe numériqueTrayeusePer?euse à colonneMoteur électriqueGazogèneFaucheuseR?teau à foinMoteur hydrauliqueFourneau à inductionBras robotiséPoin?onneuseDécoupeur LaserLaminoir à plaquesMicrocombineMicrotracteurMultimachineBatterie Ni-FeMachine à granulésTorche plasmaPower CubePresse hydrauliqueLaminoir à barres et fils de ferPulvérisateur de terreScierieSemoirConcentrateur solaireRoto-bêcheMoteur à vapeurEchangeur de chaleurTracteurFraiseuse de tranchéeCamionAlimentation électrique universelleRotor universelPoste de soudure à l'arcPlateforme de forage de puitsEolienne

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