Lighting & Safety protocol for hospital renovation projects

Posted onJune 25, 2020
A hospital may be one of the most challenging environments for a renovation project. Contractors in these scenarios don’t have the luxury of closing down the facility while they work. Health services must remain available to patients even...
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Restaurant & Bar LED Lighting

Posted onJune 17, 2020
Good food and drink are important, but they’re not the only reason why people flock to their favorite restaurants and bars. A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is another significant part of the equation, and lighting plays a crucial role in...
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Tubes, Retrofits Or New Fixtures: Choosing The Right Lighting Solution

Posted onMay 01, 2020
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How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Lighting Industry

Posted onApril 23, 2020
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How Lighting Affects A Workplace

Posted onMarch 13, 2020
  If you’re concerned about the morale of your staff, there are some obvious considerations you probably want to make. Workload, compensation, benefits and work/life balance are all extremely important factors in how people feel about their...
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LEDs Boost Sales and Lighting Quality in Retail Outlets

Posted onDecember 03, 2019
Nationwide, retailers of all types and sizes are embracing the benefits of LEDs. Among those retailers:
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Are you in a high-interest rebate state?

Posted onNovember 06, 2019
Did You Know?  75% of the U.S. is currently covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program, but certain states have shown more interest in rebates than others based on a measure of online rebate searches conducted by state in the past...
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A New Era of LED Retrofits

Posted onOctober 22, 2019
From industrial and educational applications to retail, healthcare, and more, LED retrofits are one of the most popular products being used to replace outdated fluorescent lighting in traditional troffers. This upgrade results in extreme energy...
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